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We love to think that DELIRE help to revolutionized the climbing industry by injecting heaps of innovation, creativity, and straight-up fun into the mix.

This article of the Climbing Business Journal dives deep into what sets us apart from the rest of the climbing wall builders. But at the center of everything we stand for is the core belief that innovation grows from the ability to think outside the norm. Over the years, this core belief has led DÉLIRE to embark on a number of different projects and initiatives that uniquely benefit the climbing community, both locally and far from home.

The climbing gyms we build are all about creating unique experiences, incorporating vibrant themes, jaw-dropping designs, and interactive challenges. It’s like stepping into a climber’s paradise where every detail is carefully crafted to blow your mind.

Our outside-the-box thinking is transforming the way we climb and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this sport. So, fellow climbing enthusiasts, strap on your harnesses, chalk up those hands, and head over to the article.

DÉLIRE escalade has three climbing gyms and one factory specialised in climbing walls production.

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