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Climbing Gyms and COVID-19: Délire Climbing Walls Creates “a Perfect Gym”


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DELIRE, have successfully built what we think is "a Perfect Climbing Gym" in the midst of the turmoil caused by the global health crisis.

With our forward-thinking approach and careful planning, we have completely revolutionized the climbing gym experience during these uncertain times.

You may be wondering how we managed to accomplish such a feat. Well, hold onto your seat because we are about to reveal our secrets in the Climbing Business Journal article! We have implemented a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the safety of our climbers. We have established stringent sanitization protocols and enforced strict social distancing rules. Additionally, we have improved our ventilation system to ensure a constant supply of fresh air. But that’s not all. We go above and beyond by offering online reservations, limiting the number of people in the gym, and prioritizing personal hygiene. And here’s the cherry on top – we have even integrated a digital platform for climbers to track their progress and share it with their friends. This takes the sport of climbing to an entirely new level! We have only scratched the surface of the incredible innovations and ideas featured in this article, dear friends. Believe us, it is a treasure trove of inspiration and ingenuity. Enjoy the full article here, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll both be conquering the heights with DELIRE!


DÉLIRE escalade has three climbing gyms and one factory specialised in climbing walls production.

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