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Outdoor bouldering structures


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Our outdoor bouldering structures are the ideal solution to add a touch of fun in your backyard or playground.

Parc régional des Grèves
Parc régional des Grèves

No surveillance or equipment needed.

When compared with other outdoor play structures, our product reaches an incredibly wider range of people of all ages, with boulder challenges for every level of experience. A single structure can accommodate up to 12 climbers on their own or up to 24 climbers with an instructor.

We use hydrophobic surface coating on our structures, making them water resistant and safe from rain and snow.

Structure standard:

Surface (pieds carrés) 300
Espace requis au sol (pieds) 26 x 20
Hauteur (pieds) 10
Largeur  (pieds) 13,8
Profondeur  (pieds) 8
Fondation Dalle de béton

Mini Structure :

Surface (pieds carrés) 167
Espace requis au sol (pieds) 16 x 12
Hauteur (pieds) 8
Largeur  (pieds) 8
Profondeur  (pieds) 4,5
Fondation Pieux visés


DÉLIRE escalade has three climbing gyms and one factory specialised in climbing walls production.

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