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In the past years, DÉLIRE has invested in research and development to create a selection of climbing towers for all needs and budgets.

We’re proud to showcase our four tower models. Order yours now to offer safe and simple outdoor climbing.

All four models include:

  • Climbing holds already installed;
  • A hydrophobic coated surface with a gym-quality texture;
  • A galvanized steel core;
  • Easy to change and remove canvas roofing;
  • Easy and safe interior access facilitating equipment installation;
  • An optional roof;
  • An optional ladder with its safety cage and a platform atop.
  • An option to do dry tooling and ice climbing

The foundation, transportation and installation of the towers may be realized by DÉLIRE Climbing walls. It may also be done by an external contractor, in which case we would give you access to the foundation plans and the estimated budget for each step.

Model HD 2000-T24

  • 24 ft. high
  • Up to 6 ropes
  • 500 sq. ft. of climbable surface

Model HD 2000-T30

  • 30 ft. high
  • Up to 8 ropes
  • 630 sq. ft. of climbable surface




Model HD 3000-T24

  • 2 ft. high
  • Up to 6 ropes
  • 800 sq. ft. of climbable surface

Model HD 3000-T30

  • 30 ft. high
  • Up to 8 ropes
  • 1000 sq. ft. of climbable surface




You may also order a tailor-made tower. See for instance the tower designed specifically for Kenauk Nature’s environment.

DÉLIRE escalade has three climbing gyms and one factory specialised in climbing walls production.

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